Area 9 Home Page(Fort Collins/Loveland)


Area Director: Mason Smith

New Officials:
If you are interested in working high school baseball in the Fort Collins/Loveland area you can sign-up by following this link. Any questions can be directed to the area director above.

Area 9 Meeting Schedule
Total Meetings 11 *Not including Master Clinic*
Meeting Dates Day of the Week Location Start Time Topic
Master Clinic 1/27/2019 Sunday Wheat Ridge High School 9am Master Clinic      
New Umpires 2/19/2019 Tuesday FAC - Classroom 7pm New HS Guys/Rules Review Uniforms, Expectations, Rule Books
2/24/2019 Sunday FAC - Classroom & Gym 6pm New HS Guys/Rules Review      
        Line Up cards, Pregame, communication, Plays at first, foot work
        Plate Stance, Balls and Strikes      
3/3/2019 Sunday FAC - Classroom & Gym 6pm New HS Guys/Rules Review      
Veterans Meetings 3/5/2019 Tuesday FAC - Classroom 7pm Batting Out of Order, Rules 1-10      
3/10/2019 Sunday FAC - Upstairs Gym 6pm Basic 3 Man, Plays at the Plate, Plays at First    
3/12/2019 Tuesday All Phase Restoration 7pm Expectations and State Update      
3/16/2019 Saturday CANCELED - Canceled      
3/19/2019 Tuesday FAC - Classroom 7pm Interference/Obstruction      
4/2/2019 Tuesday FAC - Classroom 7pm        
4/16/2019 Tuesday FAC - Classroom 7pm 3 Man Review      
4/30/2019 Tuesday Ryan's 7pm Final Meeting/Year End      
Locations Address Notes
All Phase Restoration 7355 Green Ridge Road, Fort Collins CO 80550 3/7/2019 HS Games Start
Fossil Ridge High School 5400 Ziegler Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80528 3/12/2019 Veteran Test Date Close
RHR - Round House Room 5/14/2019 Last Game Day for 5A/4A
W107 - Class Room W107
(FAC) Foothills Activities Center 241 E Foothills Pkwy, Fort Collins, CO 80525
*Subject to Change Based on Scheduling With Tournament*

Fossil Ridge High School

Foothill Activity Center