Payment Holds

Below is a list of individuals that curently have a payment hold. We need either a W9 form or Direct Deposit form or Both. It can take up to 6 business day for you information to clear once we have it.
Adams, Kathy
Beck, Patrick
Best, Garret
Cima, Michael
Craven, John
Damsma, John
Dudley, John
Ellis , Nikolas
Ewing, Alexander
Flahive, Martin
Grant , Kyah
Helm, Stella
Jones, Mike
Jordan, Steve
Keller, Phoenix
Laugel, Riley
Maclean, Colin
Morgan, Charles
Mullins, Tim
Nesavich, John
Paredes, Matthew
Pfau, Doug
Reyburn, Wayne
Rincon, Donavon
Roberts, Hannah
Sellers, Scott

To get your payment released you can fill this information out online(log in and go under members and then My Payment information) or you can print and send in the forms below. The address is listed on the bottom of the Direct Deposit Authorization form.