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NCSO is the premier officiating organization in northern Colorado. Whatever your goals as an official- little leagues or big leagues; summer income or life-long avocation; or somewhere in between- the NCSO has the knowledge, commitment, and contacts to get you there. Please take your time and explore this web-site. Information on pay, training, dues, etc. is at your fingertips, as are the answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to e-mail us at


True Blue Golf Tournament

NCSO is excited to be hosting the first annual True Blue Birdies and BBQ golf tournament on Saturday, September 6 at Mariana Butte Golf Course. Shotgun Start at 8:00 AM. We would love to have all our baseball family- umpires, coaches, and administrators- come join us for a morning and early afternoon of golf, lunch, and fundraising for a great cause. Lots of prizes and lots of baseball people plus a great course and good grub should make for a really super event. Click here for more tournament information. Hope you can make it!

True Blue is an organized effort by Northern Colorado Baseball and Softball umpires to raise funds- through direct donations, community giving, and fundraising events- for area non-profits providing no-cost and/or reduced fee programs that provide education, prevention, diversion, and programming aimed at keeping area youth active and engaged in positive behaviors.  Click here to learn more about True Blue and our mission and goals.

Youth Football Officials

NCSO is currently looking for new football officials to officiat youth tackle football in Fort Collins and Greeley as wells as middle school football in Fort Collins. There is also oprotunities to work high school football. Click on the link below to sign up and get on the email list.

August 21 at the Greeley Rec Center at 7PM(651 10th Ave).
August 27 at the Fun Plex in Greeley at 7PM(1501 65th Ave).

Scrimmage August 26 at Kinard Middle School at 3:00 PM
                                   (3002 E Trilby Rd, Fort Collins, CO)

New Officials
NCSO Pictures

We are looking for pictures of Northern Colorado officials in action to add to our website. If you would like to share any of your photos, please send them to

Carl Crew 2008. Kevin Strahley, Ryan Roark, Marc Rademacher, Paul Holland, Gary Kietzmann.

Mike Billadeau working the plate at Coors Field.

Ryan Roark holding back a coach in Laramie after a Cody Kness ejection in the MCBL.

Tim Barber, Nate Whitney, Mason Smith, Mike Billadeau at Coors Field.

Bob McCaslin (the Governor) wearing his NCSO issued "GOV" jacket.

Mike Buonpane and Marc Rademacher goofing off before their games.

2012 13AAA USSSA State Championship crew(Connor Grogan, Marcus Ottermann, Luis Villalobos, Cody Allenbrand, Rob Montoya, Randy Ketner).

Marc Rademacher following the quarterback on a roll out pass at French Field.

Mason Smith Having a discussion with Scott Bullock at Coors Field after a play at first.

Marc Misuraca ejecting a player in the Fort Collins - Rocky game after a collision at the plate.

Mo Runyon calling a strike on Adams field in Steamboat Springs.

One of the Memorial Day weekend golf outings. (Art Stawski, Scott Douglas, Luis Villalobos, Kevin Ainsworth, Mo Runyon, Jon Schulze, Caleb Ainsworth, Sean Grogan, Pat Williams ,Ryan Roark, Marc Misuraca, Rob Montoya)

Nick Ramos striking a pose at Howelsen Park.

Luis Villalobos at Suplizio Field in Grand Junction for part of the Triple Crown World Series.

Perry Lewis calling a foul.

Larry Ross getting a strike at GYSC.

Kingsley Crew(Mike Buonpane, Louie Sanchez, Robert Kingsley, Lance Cook, Scott Bray).

Rob Montoya at City Park Field in Fort Collins

Ryan Roark looking for a pin.

Under the tent at Howelsen Park, Steamboat Springs. (Connor Grogan, Jim Hobson, Roger Aaseng, Earl Griebler, Marc Misuraca, Tyler Kleager, Kyle Pottorff, Steve Boesch)

Steve Govero calling at out on Adams field, Steamboat Springs.

Steve Govero between games at Howelsen Park, Steamboat Springs.

Rob Montoya and Mason Smith Talk between innings at Thompson Valley High School.

Plate conference for one of the Triple Crown TV games in Steamboat Springs.(Larry Ross, Cedric Laputz, Marcus Ottermann and Tyler Kleager)

Josh VanderVliet, Tim "Game Time" Barber and Dan Rosendale working tournament games in Greeley.

Sean Costello letting Marc Misuraca know he didn't like his call.

Devon Kling working the bases at GYSC.

2011 13AAA USSSA State Championship game(Earl Griebler, Tyler Kleager, Mason Smith, Roger Aaseng, Mo Runyon, Thomas Barnett).

Dan Hanyes' crew having fun in the snow.

Mo Runyon and Scott Bullock having a discussion.

Cole Allenbrand taking a look at a play at the plate.

Kevin "Opie" Ainsworth working the plate at a CSU club game at City Park.

Trimble's Crew(Bill Ferguson, Jim Beers, Alan Bryant, Brad Dunlap, David Trimble)

Mason Smith working the plate at Fossil Ridge High School.

Marc Misuraca looking for a pulled foot in the Mountain View vs. Thompson Valley game.

Luis Villalobos avoiding a coach at the end of a RMAC game.

Jimmy Volpi having a discussion with a Manager in a AAA game in New Mexico.

Jimmy Volpi having a discussion with a Manager in a AAA game in New Mexico.

Cody Allenbrand ringing-up a batter in college game.

Linda Peterson calling a runner safe.

Brandon Ohr getting into a close play at the plate.

Cole Allenbrand working the plate for the little guys.

Cole Allenbrand and Kyle "The Umpire Extraodinaire" Pottorff between innings.

Luis Villalobos getting a good look.


2013 umpire training at Spring Canyon Park.

2013 umpire training at Spring Canyon Park.

2013 umpire training at Spring Canyon Park.

2013 umpire training at Spring Canyon Park.

2013 umpire training at Spring Canyon Park.

2013 umpire training at Spring Canyon Park.

Cody Allenbrand Working the plate.

Connor Grogan is checking out his windshield with Sean Grogan after parking to close to the field at TVHS.

Perry Lewis and Jim Kerr working the sideline at UNC.

Todd Mohr(Right) working with a crew in Cooperstown New York.

Mason Smith showing off what he thinks the official uniform should be for 2014 season.

2013 USSSA 13AAA State Championship crew. (Marc Misuraca, Roger Aaseng, Connor Grogan, Luis Villalobos, Mason Smith and Books O'Hearn)

Ryan Roark with punch out at the plate in the 2013 4A State Championship game.

Called strike 3 by Ryan Roark in the 2013 4A State Championship game.

Kingsley crew back in 1993. (Mike Buonpane, Troy Krenning, Robert Kingsley, Duan Settle,Dan Hanyes)

NCSO Payroll

The following links will take you the forms that you need to have filled out to work for and get paid by NCSO and the pay dates on when you will get paid for a given contast for wich NCSO pays. If you have already turned in these froms you will not need to do it again unless you need to update your information:


Pay Dates

Missing a payment?
If your have not seen a payment from NCSO you can click the link below to see if you need to provide more information.

Payment Holds